06 Mar 2016
MANAMA, BAHRAIN – 05 March 2016: Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, held a special, one-time ‘loyalty draw’ for holders of its Thimaar Account, giving them an extra chance to win cash rewards. The event was held for long-time customers who have held Thimaar savings for more than a year but have not yet won a prize.
The 50 winners who were presented with US$1,000 each, will also continue to be eligible for the current enhanced version of the product, Thimaar 6, which was launched at the beginning of the year. With more than 4,000 prizes worth a combined US$2.3 million being presented throughout 2016, it offers more opportunities than ever before.
“Despite providing the highest chances of winning compared to any other prize-based account in the Kingdom, there remains loyal Thimaar customers who have just not been lucky enough yet,” said Ithmaar Bank Assistant General Manager, Head of Retail Banking, Mohammed Janahi. “We introduced this one-time draw as a way of rewarding them for their loyalty over the years and to show our appreciation to all our long-term customers.”
Thimaar 6 will provide US$3,600 in total daily prizes, one US$10,000 monthly prize, four cars and cash quarterly prizes totalling US$300,000, and US$600,000 in Eid prizes. Every BD50 maintained as an average daily balance qualifies a customer to enter the draws. The more customers save, and the longer they maintain balances in multiples of BD50, the more opportunities they have to win.
The draw was supervised by representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), external supervisors, Key Point, and the Bank’s own internal auditors.
The winners of the Thimaar loyalty draw were: Rifah Abdulla Mabkhoot Aldoseri, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali A. Alrowaei, Ebrahim Mohammed Abdulkarim, Muneera Ahmed A. Rahman Alshaikh, Khalid Rashid Mohammed Alkaabi, Hamad Yusuf Abdulla Mohamed Manea Alkaabi, Dowla Rashed Ali Alghatam, Hasan Ahmed Mohamed Shaheen Aldoseri, Neaimeh Faisal Jabur Aldoseri, Wafa Yousif Ahmed Althawadi, Mariam Hamad Jaham Alkuwari, Fawziya Mohammed Ali Hassan, Ahmed Mutlaq Juma Althawadi, Saeed Ali Abdulla Ali Almawali, Sadeq Mohamed Salman Jasim Alsaegh, Mohamed Jaafar Mohamed Alaradi, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Alkooheji, Sawsan Taimoor Aghayar Abdulrahman, Amal Mohammed Saeed Alsowaidi, Adnan Aamer Saad Alaamer, Ameer Abbas Mahdi Mohammed, Salem Juma Abdulla Juma Alromaihi, Rayadh Ahmed Abdulmohsen Ahmed Almahmeed, Widad Yousif Hasan Alhasan, Isa Ali Hassan Yousif Almulla, Narjes Adel Abdulla Hamad Alrowaiei, Nasreen A. Rahman Mohd Alladhi, Maryam Mohamed Salman Seyadi, Layla Khalil Ebrahim Sabah, Khalifa Ahmed Ali Mohamed Bushlaibi, Real Estate House, Nada Rashid Jassim Hamada, Hasan Abdulla Mohamed Bucheeri, Nasra Murtadha Mohd Alhashimi, Jasim Fahad Jasim Ahmed, Sabeeka Abdulrahman Jasim Alaamer, Abdo Mohsen Naji Ali Aljameel, Sayed Faisal Ebrahim Baqer Almeshqab, Juma Enad Wakka Ali, Hissa Ebrahim Khalifa Almansoor, Fatima Abdulla Hussain, Jamal Khalifa Abdulrahman Bumjaid, Noora Mohamed Harban, Jalal Khan Haji Muhammad Murad, Waleed A. Rahman Mohamed Abdulla Alsebaie, Husain Ali Hasan Shaikh Abdulla Alqasimi, Enas Isa Abdulla Buhamood, Hayat Abdulla Saad Alsherooqi, Osama Abdulla Ali Khamis Mubarak Alsaadoon, and Madina Jasim Ahmed Ali Akwaid.
The full list of names is also available at

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