22 Oct 2014

MANAMA, BAHRAIN – 20 October 2014 – Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, honoured employees who had exceeded their targets by presenting each a trophy and a certificate of appreciation at special awards ceremony.
The ceremony, which was hosted by Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Abdul Rahim and attended by General Manager Retail and Private Banking, Abdul Hakeem Al Mutawa, Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking, Mohammed Janahi, Head of Business Development Unit, Fayza Hasan, and other senior members of the Bank’s management team, aimed to further reinforce the bank’s performance-based culture.
The employees, Hussain Ali Al Rahma and Fadhel Abbas Al Aradi both members of Ithmaar Bank’s Direct Sales Unit, as well as Dalal Habib from the Hamalah Branch, Layla Nabeel from the West Riffa Branch, and Mohammed Al-Aradi and Ahmed Saif from the Muharraq Branch, each earned the “Exceeding Target Award” in recognition of their exceptional performance.
“The Exceeding Target Award was introduced earlier this year to identify, recognise and continuously encourage exceptional performance among employees both in the Bank’s various branches and the Direct Sales Unit,” said Abdul Rahim. “This target-driven award helps further develop our performance-based culture and keeps our collective focus on continuously improving our customer’s Islamic retail banking experience,” he said.
“I am particularly pleased to note that our staff, who interact with our customers and our real brand ambassadors, have been exceeding expectations,” said Abdul Rahim. “This award celebrates some of Ithmaar Bank’s most important values, and I congratulate each of winners on their achievements,” he said.

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