17 Jan 2015
MANAMA, BAHRAIN – 17 January 2015 – Bahraini Anod Alanzi won a kilogram of gold from Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, after winning the first Quarterly Prize in the Bank’s improved prize-based savings account, Thimaar. She is the first person ever to win such a prize in Bahrain.
The Thimaar Account, which was re-launched last October to offer bigger prizes to more winners, is the only saving scheme in Bahrain that offers both gold and cash prizes, as well as anticipated profit rates and free life takaful, as an added incentive to save. Over the next year, a total 3,540 winners will win cash and gold prizes of more than $2,000,000.
Anod was presented a box of 125 gold coins, each of eight grams, by the Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Abdul Rahim at the Bank headquarters. Another 82 Thimaar account holders won USD1,000 each, 120 Thimaar Junior winners won USD250 and an Ithmaar account holder won 200 grams of gold. Thimaar draws were held under the supervision of a Ministry of Industry and Commerce representative as well as internal auditors and external supervisors, BDO (Bahrain).
“I was so happy when I heard the news,” said Anod. “Initially, when I first received the call from Ithmaar Bank, I couldn’t believe that I had actually won a kilogram of gold so I called the Main Office to check. In fact, until the moment I physically received the gold, I thought I was dreaming,” she said.
“I am delighted that the enhanced Thimaar offering, particularly with the Gold Rush prizes, is bringing so much joy and happiness to our customers,” said Abdul Rahim. “Gold is of special importance to many of us in the region and is also a way of saving and investing for the future,” he said. “Ithmaar Bank is committed to becoming the region’s premier Islamic retail bank,” said Abdul Rahim. “In line with that commitment, we are continuously improving our products and services by enhancing our offers to ensure we remain the Islamic retail bank of choice among the people of Bahrain,” he said.
The enhanced Thimaar Account offers more than USD2,000,000 million in gold and cash prizes with 996 monthly winners, four quarterly winners and 500 Eid winners, as well as 1,440 Junior monthly winners and 600 Eid Junior winners. Customers with a balance of BD50 and above in the Thimaar Account are eligible to participate in the monthly, quarterly and Eid draws. This is in addition, of course, to free life cover and anticipated monthly profit for all Thimaar customers.

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